What I describe in this site


This site shows that how I am treating atopic dermatitis without using steroid, and also I post daily processes of recovery.

In this treatment, I have not used any steroid or moisturizing cream to re-obtain natural recovery function of my skin.

This treatment takes time, suffering from itching sensation like being unable to have normal social life, but it is recovering skin function little by little.

And, I took this treatment by being hospitalized at Hannan-Chuo hospital in Japan, Osaka, under Dr. Sato’s instruction.

This is my experiences and what I have learned from suffering and my doctor, however the root cause of atopic dermatitis hasn’t perfectly revealed, and symptoms are different by patients, so I cannot guarantee anything, but I thought it would be helpful for someone.

I am writing this site in my poor English, because there are many information about atopic dermatitis especially in Japanese, because I heard that Japan has many patients of atopic dermatitis for some reason, however even in Japan normal doctors of Dermatology provides a lot of steroid and encourage to use steroid, even many patients noticed that steroid cannot perfectly cure atopic dermatitis, and we have a doubt on using steroid and on doctors who suggest using steroid. Dermatology organization in Japan cannot receive enough money from Japanese government and medical companies supports them instead, they produce and encourage steroid accordingly. Steroid has a power to cure for few days because it is symptomatic treatment, and it seems for patients that symptoms were recovered, however in fact, it is just reducing skin’s natural function and recovery power, and symptom comes back few days later as many patients experienced. This is the situation in Japan in my understanding, and I am not sure how the other countries’ situation are, but I hope this information will be helpful for someone who are suffering from atopic dermatitis mainly because of steroid like me.

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