Other Patients’ Example


So, I became friends with patients who are being hospitalized like me.
I will introduce of them, and there could be some hints of how we can overcome atopic dermatitis.


1: T.N., Man, 30’s, Auto Technician
His symptom came since when he was 8 years old, and he has used steroid since then but not moisturizing cream. He was very often using it after taking every shower, before going to bed, and when waking up. His symptom became temporarily better, but couldn’t fully recovered.He started to use moisturizing cream since he grown up. Around February, 2016, his symptom became very bad, and steroid couldn’t control it, and he checked the internet and thought to stop using steroid. In April, 2017, he completely stopped to use steroid after being consultation from some dermatologists, found the place to be hospitalized. Around July in this year, he became to walk around, and in August he became better and better and almost nobody couldn’t notice he had atopic dermatitis. He said it was good to stop using steroid, and he made sure it could be better without steroid.


2: Y.H., Woman, early 30’s, Nurse
She had a dry skin since she was a small kid, and started to use steroid. When she was a junior high student, her mother used a weak steroid but mother noticed that steroid couldn’t cure it. So, she was also stop using steroid, and used only petrolatum to cover her skin. Around when she was 19, she went to dermatology and prescribed steroid and started to use it. She could control her symptom by using steroid for 7 ~ 8 years, but symptom of her hand was uncontrollable. However, atopic dermatitis came to her neck, back, and body after giving her birth, still using steroid. She was using a bit steroid for her kids. Her symptom didn’t get better, so she stopped using it.  After being hospitalized, symptom got better, and her back became better. Red color became white, and after desquamation period, it be came normal. She said that she was grad to be here because she could talk with patients like us to share the difficulties.


3: M.H. , Woman, 40’s, Housekeeper
She had a terrible asthma, but she started to swim and became better. And since she was around 12, atopic dermatitis symptom happened and it was continued until around 18. At that time she used steroid, but symptom became worse, so stop using it and tried internal reform and symptom got better and better. From university days to her marriage, she had no symptom and forgot that she had atopic dermatitis. After marriage and giving a birth, asthma happened again and maybe she used steroid for that. Then atopic dermatitis happened again. She went to a dermatology, and was prescribed steroid, and she could control symptom with steroid. After some years, symptom on face became worse, and getting worse and uncontrollable. She searched about steroid on the internet, noticed that steroid was no good, and stopped it. The withdrawal symptom attacked her, and started the life in the hospital. While treatment without steroid, she had a fever over 40 degrees again and again. She said it was very terrible period, not to feel to eat, dry throat, moon face, and exudate. However, after 3 weeks since stopping steroid, it became better and better, and she overcame it after 1 and half month, and checked out the hospital.


4: S.T., Woman, 40’s, Real Estate Sales
Since She was 3 or 4 years old, she had atopic dermatitis and used steroid without knowing what it was. Until around 12 years old, she had regularly symptoms on some parts of joints, legs, and around mouth. However it got better as she got older. After being grownup, stress attacked her when she started working, it made symptoms happened again. She moved to London because of her job and tried homeopathy treatment and she recovered, and became required no more steroid. But when she came back to Japan because of her family matters, atopic dermatitis came back to her. She was not using steroid but moisturizing cream. Under doctor Sato’s treatment, she stopped using moisturizing first time. She felt that the symptom continued to attack her because she was using moisturizing. Currently she doesn’t have any exudate after 1 month treatment in the hospital. Not using moisturizing cream and water ingestion limitation had an great effect on her symptom, and she is glad to try this treatment, because, as she says, she could know the risk of moisturizing and importance of water ingestion limitation.


5: Y.M., early 20’s, Woman, Employee
She had a symptom after 3 month from her born, and steroid couldn’t cure her symptom, but hydropathic treatment which uses strong acid water in Mie prefecture had good effect, and completely cured her symptom around the time when she became 1 years old. However, atopic dermatitis started on cheek at first when she became around 15 years old. She went to dermatology, but refused steroid and prescribed protpic. For her it had some strange sensation and she came back to use steroid again. Because of stress, as she mentioned, the symptom sometimes became worse, also she had exudate. Also experienced taking neoral, which is immunosuppressive drug. After stopping using steroid, her symptom got really better within 1 month. However in her case, she can easily have bacteria infection and herpes. When she got these infection or herpes, her atopic dermatitis symptom tends to be worse.


6: R.F., around 30’s, Man, Employee
Since he was a elementary school kid, symptoms came to him, and he started to use steroid. Until that he hadn’t had any dermatitis. He stopped to use it around when he was 14 years old. To withdraw steroid, he came into hospital under doctor Sato. After 1 month, his symptoms recover very well. For a while it was no problem but the stress of the examination preparation came to him and started to have symptom again. He could control his symptom by himself without steroid and it was calm. However, stress of work came again and he used some medicines which included steroid, he didn’t noticed steroid was included. Because of that, the symptom got worse again and came into hospital again.


7: A.H., 20’s Woman, Employee
When she was a kid, she had not atopic dermatitis. The doctor diagnosed she had a steroid addiction. The period of her steroid usage was between around 10 to 15 years old. When she exercised and sweated, she got heat rash, went to a dermatologist, and prescribed steroid. But for a while, the symptom was almost nothing. It was like she sometimes used only hand cream. After started to work, itching sensation attacked her because of some stresses, she was prescribed steroid again. She had anxious about using steroid, but used it and somehow symptom spread some areas where she had never had any symptoms. She stoped using it, but had continued to use moisturizing cream. At this June, body also got some eczema but could spend normal life. At September, her symptom was eased but happened on her face again. Before going into hospital, she couldn’t go out at day time. Finally she went into hospital and her symptom becomes better and worse. She feels that the her recovery process is a little bit slow compared with other patients’. But glad to concentrate to treatment.


8: K.M., 20’s, Woman, Student
Since she was a baby, she had atopic dermatitis and tried many kinds of treatment such as Chinese herb, steroid of Tosa-shimizu, and skin lotion, but those couldn’t cure her symptom. Pine tar ointment had a good effect on her symptom when she was a high school student. She was just using moisturizing cream until second year of her university. Then terrible eczema happened on her back knee, and started to use steroid. And somehow the eczema spread her body where she’ve never had any eczema. She was always using moisturizing cream, and trying not to use steroid but used it when she went abroad because she wanted to enjoy in good condition. Again, her symptom became worse in October, she searched a lot about steroid on the internet, and stopped using it. Couldn’t cure by herself and went into hospital. She just started the treatment without steroid and moisturizing cream, and now she is experiencing the withdrawal symptoms.


9: K.K., 50’s, Woman, Housekeeper
She has a memory that she spend some time in hospital when she was a child. She has a long experience of using steroid more than 40 years, which she was using it just after steroid was published. She felt much amount of steroid is accumulated on her body. The general atmosphere, which steroid was no good, was there since early-times, but she couldn’t stop using it because her symptom became worse when stopping it. She became 30’s and got asthma, dermatitis symptom was eased instead. She was controlled the symptom by steroid, while it was not completely cured. When she became 40’s, a terrible symptom came from her ankle, and spread her entire body, and experienced hospitalization 5 times in 40’s. Always using steroid and moisturizing by ointment, and she had an addiction on moisturizing. She somehow stopped using steroid in this July, symptoms got worse, and started this hospitalization in this November. She stopped using steroid and moisturizing cream for the first time in her life, and her symptom became much better, she was so surprised and appreciated for this treatment.


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