History of my atopic dermatitis and using steroid


Since when I was 4 years old

Since when I was 4 years old, I had dermatitis symptoms, and I remember that I was crying because of the itching sensation on my hip, and my mon said to me “Don’t scratch your skin” of something like that. I thought it was a stressful for baby body. And since that, I think I was using week steroid on skin, even if I was not aware that it was steroid medication because I was a small kid. The symptom had recovered for a while but my skin was always dry a little bit. My older brother and my younger sister had a similar symptoms when they were very young, but it is fine after 20 years, and I am the only person who still has this symptom. I think this is because I was using steroid more than my brother and sister. It seems that the more using steroid when you are young, the more it affects you when you became an adult for your skin recovery function, because steroid is normally produced from inside body, and using steroid from outside of body weakens your natural skin recovery function.


Elementary School Days and Junior High School Days

When I became an age to enter elementary school, I didn’t have terrible symptoms which people think poor of me. My skin was just dry but I could spend normal life. But because of the dry skin, my mon brought me oil lotion for my dry skin, and I sometimes used it, it could soften my dry skin symptom but that couldn’t fully recovery, as far as I remember. But as time passed, my symptom had got better and became that using moisturizing cream only when I needed.


High School Days

After I entered my high school, my symptom was almost nothing and I almost forgot I had atopic dermatitis. It was just like that I was using moisturizing cream only for hand while winter. I was normal at that time.


University Days (Year1 – 2)

Same with my high school days, I didn’t have any symptoms when I was an university student, and using moisturizing cream only when winter. I was living in a dorm at that time, and I could have nutritious breakfast in every morning and dinner in every evening. The environment was good. I also started to intensively learn English at this time.


Studying Abroad

When I was 3rd year student of my university, I was selected as an exchange student, and went for an European country for a year. It was a great experience. I was cooking every meal, running, swimming, going gym, and studying, I spent very healthy days and also hardly had any stress. My symptom was really nothing, and I had perfectly forgot that I had atopic dermatitis. And I also started to smoke.


University Days (Year4 – 5)

After I came back to Japan, I started to learn more about economics because my faculty was economics, and started to find jobs. Since these days, my atopic dermatitis symptom started to come back to me again, most of the reason is job hunting I feel, because it was very stressful. At that time, I still didn’t know any fear and side effects of using steroid, or I should say main effects. Symptom of atopic dermatitis sometimes come to me, and every time I was using steroid as a symptomatic treatment to soften symptom. It was alleviated for a few days, but after that it came to me again and again repeatedly. I didn’t using steroid, when I could stand for this symptom by using only moisturizing cream. I noticed at this time that my symptom will be very bad without steroid, and couldn’t have a normal life. But at the same time, I started to have an doubt for steroid, because I was using steroid under dermatology doctor’s instruction, but my symptom wasn’t completely recovered. I was thinking that Do I needed to give up many things because this is my predisposition and needed to handle and manage this for the rest of my life, of course it was better if I can completely recover though. This symptom is seriously decreasing my quality of life.


Started to work

After graduated for my university, I joined to an American company in Japan. Yes, the environment changed a lot, and I felt a lot of stress, and itching sensation came to me for the day1. In the same way like when I was an university student, I used steroid when the symptom became bad, and I was using only moisturizing cream when the symptom was not so bad. In anytime, I couldn’t live without moisturizing cream. I think this is abnormal from healthy people perspective. Yes I think I was abnormal and my skin was crazy. But this time, I could control my symptom by using steroid. It changed at summer in 2017.


Last 3 months

Last 3 months, from 2017 December, my right hand had been crazy, having chapped skin, and hadn’t recovered by using strongest steroid. It seems that this symptom became better at first but itching sensation coming back and I scratched my hand by myself. Finally, a part of my skin became uncontrollable by using steroid or moisturizing cream. I felt very fear, thinking if I continue this, and if spread to entire body, I will not able to live normally, something of my body is wrong, maybe it is because of steroid or my predisposition, or maybe the stress from environment, maybe because of allergic things like ticks and house dusts. I searched a lot and tried anything which seems good for my health. But they didn’t worked well. I knew the steroid is no good, so I decided to stop using steroid. My natural skin recovery function was very low because of using steroid on my skin for a long time, so when I stopped using steroid, my symptom explored to my entire body. I strongly felt that steroid is just for a symptomatic treatment but doesn’t cure symptoms from a root cause at all and I need to stop using steroid for my complete cure, by experiences which happened on my body after stopping using steroid.  I became to unable to work because this symptom spread to entire body, bleed some liquid, exudate which contains protein and something yellow, and cannot even move. I searched and searched online what I should do and found a doctor who provides medical treatment for atopic dermatitis without steroid, so I went there to be hospitalized. And this blog will tell you the cure process of atopic dermatitis without steroid and some useful information for atopic dermatitis. I am not selling anything, I just writing this pages, hoping this can help for somebody who is suffering form atopic dermatitis and steroid like me.