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We would like to inform you that we discussed on 18th, October, 2017, at Tomarigi.

At last day, a patient came to Hanan Central Hospital from South Korea, who has been suffering from steroids withdrawal syndrome.

He said that steroids are wide spread used for atopic dermatitis treatment, and it causes an increase of patients who cannot be cured their syndrome. He thought he needs to spread how to treat them without steroids, but no doctors for it in South Korea.

In Hannan Central Hospital, around twice a month, we have a meeting which Dr. Sato and patients discuss in Q&A style. Patients ask anything about treatment, and he answers. Also, we are sharing any information and tips among patients. He proposed that we can share that information which are many various patients’ cases, because it is informative and useful.

At this first meeting, one of the patients asked what kind of steroids withdrawal meeting we have among patients. It seems that there are some meeting which are for parents who has atopic dermatitis infants, such as Shining Star in some prefectures. Meetings for adults patients in Sendai, however, they are very limited.

This patients from South Korea, reached Hannan Central Hospital through ITSAN and Tommy’s blog. There are also PREVEN TABLE by Briana Banos, SKINROSE.

We need to spread treatment without steroids and moisturizer more and more, so we post more Tomarigi information under Dr. Sato’s request.


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