Week10 symptoms after stopping steroid


(with pictures)

2018-01-14, Sun
I couldn’t sleep yesterday, but I didn’t scratch, and skin condition was getting better a lot. Neck has a little wet, and chest has a little scabs, but other parts are just dry and getting better. It was very cold outside, but I went walking for 60 min.

2018-01-15, Mon
Maybe because of the warm temperature yesterday, and itching sensation attacked me. I wore off my pyjama, then woke up because of the coldness. It was not itchy in the day time, but it was itchy after or while running. I could sweat well in the morning by running. I felt the sweat is natural skin barrier. I took a shower in the evening and it was very dry after shower. Face skin was like crispy, so I went running at night again and got sweat. Night running was also good.

2018-01-16, Tue
Exudate from neck increased accordingly maybe because of the water ingestion increased. I didn’t worry about it because it got dry in the morning. The scabs on the chest was almost peeled off, and the area of eczema and redness was decreased. I also went running in the morning and at night. I took a lot water after night running, and got sweat while sleeping, but I didn’t scratch. Thanks to the sweat, my skin condition was well.

2018-01-17, Wed
Redness on my back was very calm and getting back very normal skin. Scabs on the neck and chest was peeled off more. It seemed that desquamation decreased a lot. However it was itchy around eyes, and couldn’t stop tears, so I asked my doctors about my eye’s symptoms, and he said it was just allergy symptoms. Prescribed anti-allergic eye-drop. And I haven’t have blood in stool since new year came.

2018-01-18, Thu
Nature skin oil was coming back and it seems like very normal around the body, however neck and chest needs a little more time to recover. I have stool everyday these days, and I felt intestinal environment was also getting better. I read a book about molecule bromatology, and I understood the importance of vitamin and protein ingestion. Addition to intestinal environment enforcement, I will tackle to the nourishment ingestion after hospital discharge. I did also running today, so felt better.

2018-01-19, Fri
The condition on neck and chest was getting better. Since taking eye-drops, the symptoms around eyes are also better. However I had also snivel, and it was like I got cold. Exercise is very important but I shouldn’t do it too much. If I do exercise too much, it will kill NK-cell, and it causes a decrease of immunizing power. Balance is important for everything.

2018-01-20, Sat
Skin getting recovered just like dry except around neck. Right side of neck and neck back has still eczema. Itching sensation around eyes are very calm since taking eye-drops. Yesterday I took alcohol just a little bit, a glass of sparkling wine and a glass of single whiskey on the rocks. I became to get drunk more easily, because I haven’t had alcohol for a month. I has stool everyday for this week, and can feel my recovery of intestinal environment. I smoked after 4 days, and heart beat getting fast. I think smoking is bad for the health for sure.

~As of 2018-01-14~



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