Week11 symptoms after stopping steroid


(with pictures)

2018-01-21, Sun
I didn’t scratch and scabs on chest almost peeled away, however little itchy sensation came on head back when sleeping. Intestinal environment was recovering well, so I had no worry for that. Skin of whole body were very dry even if it has no eczema, so I need to handle this dry. I do it by only nutrition and well-sleep without any medication.

2018-01-22, Mon
The weather was bad, but I went to exercise in the morning. It was not itchy in the day time, so I felt better. I searched a lot how to handle dry skin, then found out that 20-30% of atopic dermatitis patients has gene abnormality for creating filaggrin protein, which becomes natural moisturizing factor. So I will take ceramide supplement to try to calm down the symptoms. But it is the most important to have a good intestinal environment to absorb nutrients.

2018-01-22, Tue
To get used to be in a social life, I went to the city center today. I hardly had any burden and stress for my body, and could enjoy city center. As an experiment, I used a moisturizing cream only for my face. It was no problem at first but it became very dry after taking shower. I understood I shouldn’t used any moisturizing cream. The best is the natural oil which comes out from skin.

2018-01-27, Sat
Today, I checked out the Hannan-Chuo Hospital.
Scabs on the chest was almost peeled away, and my whole body was just super dry, no wet eczema except neck. Neck has still some scabs and a little wet eczema. I think this hospitalizing and this treatment had a good result, my skin was recovered a lot without using steroid. Of curse, I sill have symptoms, so I need to treat it by myself at home with exercise and balanced meal.
I met very kinds of patients, and I think I could almost escape the steroid withdrawal symptoms (not perfect yet). However, I still have normal eczema on whole body, my struggle will continue a little for a while. I learned some papers on the internet, and I found out that my skin has a gene abnormality to create filaggrin protein. That’s why, I believe, my skin is always dry, and my skin barrier function is weak. Dry skin can induce itching sensation, so I need to tackle this dry skin without medication, but with exercise and balanced meal.

Pictures of symptoms as of checking out the hospital were as below.

~As of 2018-01-27~


~Neck back~

~Neck side~


~Left arm~

~Right arm~



  1. Hello, i like how you documented your healing stages from topical steroids. Also can you say what you think are the most important things to do to make your skin heal faster as i am still struggling to heal from tsw at 18 months.
    P.s post another skin update as i like reading your posts:D

    • Hi, Tom
      Thanks for your comment. I think to get dry and have a good intestinal condition are important, but in my case. The root cause of eczema are very different, some people say because of be stressed. I am trying to find out what my root cause of eczema.
      P.S. I will update some soon 🙂

  2. Hi what happened to you after Week 11? Are you totally clear now? And after you are healed will you go back to using moisturizers or will you eliminate them for the rest of your life?
    Thank you!

    • Hi, Victoria
      Thank you for your comment. I am not clear totally, little not good condition for now. I am not perfectly for sure if I would use moisturizers anymore, I don’t use it for now though. I hope you doing well. Any comments, anytime if you have anything.


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