Week2 symptoms after stopping steroid


The withdrawal symptom became severe, which exudate came out from around of my body and bed were wet when I woke up with a lot of discomfort, felt chill like having a high fever, couldn’t move my body, so I couldn’t go work.

I was surprised that my body can keep normal condition without steroid, and I strongly determined that I need to stop using steroid. Until I started to be hospitalized at week3, I was using moisturizing cream, then I could go out, to cook something nutritional meals and buy drinks.

Anyway, I couldn’t stand for this situation, so I searched doctors who treat atopic dermatitis without steroid, and I found a doctor who is in my hometown. I called the hospital and asked if there was a room for me. Then, I packed my staffs and went back to my hometown to prepare being hospitalized.

I started this treatment at the week3.


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