Week3 symptoms after stopping steroid


I went to the hospital, and received a diagnosis. It was very hard for me to move and work at that time, so I asked if I can be hospitalized. He said it was about time for me to be hospitalized, then my life in the hospital started.



I started life in the hospital. I have many exudates and ache for my scars, I therefore couldn’t move. Felt uncomfortable sensation, and not feel to move my body. I couldn’t work and spend normal life, and felt blue. But after talking with my doctor, I could see hope to become gradually better.



Drying but not having no exudates on my legs. At night when I relax, I scratched my legs, but skin of my legs are not weak as other parts of my body, then only small scar came up and skin color becomes white. Terrible parts were neck, shoulder, body, arms, and hips. These parts have exudates and stuck with shirt and underwear when I woke up, so I woke up with a catastrophic feeling. Exudate is somehow yellow, I thought steroid was mixed and detoxed in exudate? But I don’t know the details. I just started life in the hospital, so I was patiently killing my time to forget my symptoms.



I don’t have any updates for other parts, but I got big scars inside of both heels, and it hurts when I always walk. Right heels scar is around 3cm, and difficult to walk. I’ve never used steroid on my heels but came this symptom, and I felt the strong fear of steroid.


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