Week4 symptoms after stopping steroid



I scratched around neck and shoulder a lot, many exudate came at night. After a while, exudate started to solidify and new thin skin tensed a bit. When waking up, skin was attached on my shirt and it was very difficult and uncomfortable to change my clothing, changing my clothing screaming. But I think it is important to change clothing to new clean one, and feel better after changing.



I had scars on both heels, but it became scabs and peeled away, then the hurts eased. I could walk around in the hospital, and walking brought me better feeling and a small hope.



At night I scratched my skin around neck and shoulders again, exudate came out again, I couldn’t stand for the itching sensation、maybe because I took a lot of water yesterday. When changing clothing, it was still very uncomfortable. Exudate was not clear color but yellow with some blood color. In the morning and noon, the itching sensation was soft. The wet condition of my skin started to be dry, and I feel this is a good sign.



Scratched around neck again a little, and exudate made a bed sheet dirty. Still my skin was attached a little bit, but the level of attaching was soften, and continued to be uncomfortable when changing clothing. Face side, especially sideburns and ear back, had exudate. I’ve never used steroid on the part, so I felt strange. After 2 minutes walk, my pulse was around 120.


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