Week5 symptoms after stopping steroid


(with some pictures)

Scratched left side of my neck, and exudate came out again, but I felt the new skin which was created under the surface became stronger. Still some part of skin was attached on my shirt in the morning, so it was uncomfortable. There were not big changed, but I could see it was getting better. I run a bit, and sweat a lot, very strong itching sensation attacked me, and couldn’t stand for it. Some part, which had been able to sweat, could sweat. I opened the window, facing cold wind, and scratched my skin and made peeled away. Because of that, some part of my skin got wet a bit.

After taking shower, I very softly swiped wet and went to bed. I still have some scratching, but amount of exudate was reduced a little by little, and new normal skin was being created. I swiped off the scab of solidified exudate on ear back, so a pillow sheet got dirty a bit.

Scratched around neck and decollete, here is exudate again. That was not pure yellow but maybe mixed with some blood. Some part of my skin are still wet, and it seemed recovery took a little more time. I also have a lot of desquamation everyday, and cleaning up in the morning is my daily task. I have fever around 37 degree, and couldn’t see any sign of decreasing. Exudate includes protein, so I decided to drink protein powder everyday. Tired for hospital meals, so I ate chicken which I bought at the nearest convenience store.

When waking up, only the left shoulder had exudate. Other part had any exudate. Maybe because I slept trying to not scratch. My doctor said it got better. I hardly had itching sensation and exudate on skin of scalp, I have, however, a lot of desquamation, like it is super dry and reborn of scalp skin. And, the stool was hard these days and every time it had a little blood, and maybe this was because of limitation of water ingestion.

Scratched right shoulder and decollete and exudate came out again. Yes, it was uncomfortable but better than before. My concern was I had fever over 38 degree these days, even though I didn’t have any woozy. My skin is under reborn and body temperature maintenance functioned well. My fever reduced around 37 degree at noon, fever was temporal. I had a flu test just in case, but it was not. Also, I took a shower after 3 days, and my skin especially around eyes, was tense.

Right shoulder still had exudate, and it was very yellow. My doctor said that exudate is one of the component of blood, so no worries for that, and it is not running off steroid accumulated inside body. He also mentioned that the reason my recovery was bit slow, was too much water ingestion after dinner, and suggested not to take water after dinner. Assuming that now I ingest 1,500 ml, and I should ingest in the morning or noon even the total amount of ingestion in a day increased 100ml. I decided to follow this direction.

*We had also an opportunity to listen to our doctor. It was very informative, so I will post what I learned there next time.

Right shoulder had yellow exudate, left shoulder had blood mixed exudate, but they were not attached on my shirt, and it was not so uncomfortable. And I was surprised the desquamation was very few. However, I had a little headache and tired and blood pulse was around 100 these days. My doctor said maybe because I limited the amount of water ingestion too much, and I would drink water more than before in the morning and limit it at night. We discussed that I ingest 1,700 ml water in a day, and how it would go. At night, I had a fever over 38, and it was just like I caught a cold. Trying to keep quiet in bed, and I got warm while spending time in bed.  Sweating a lot on my back, and a lot of unneeded skin peeled off, I felt like my skin becoming back. I ingested water for the amount of sweat, and maybe it caused a delay of recovery of shoulder and decollete skin.



・Neck / Chest

・Neck Back

・Left Arm

・Right Arm


・Knee Back


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