Week6 symptoms after stopping steroid


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So when I woke up, I had a lot of desquamation because of sweat last night. However exudate remained calm compered with the peak time, and I could change my clothing at the morning more smoothly. The body temperature was 37.5 degree and my body condition was also better than when I had a fever around 38 degree, I however felt it was not best. About my ear back, exudate came out for certain as I swiped off scabs. I don’t understand why it hadn’t recovered yet, I’ve never used steroid it there. It became easier to extend and bend my arms, swing and nod my neck, so I feel getting better in total. Oh, and I didn’t know why but I got a small scab between eyes, and it was yellow and solidified, so I didn’t touch it and wait until it peeled off by itself.

Still I have a lot of desquamation, but I could more easily change my clothing than the peak time. I also still have exudates at shoulders but not that much. I didn’t have stool these 4 days, because I didn’t have any exercise these 4 days. When I did some exercise more than 30 minutes, I had a stool, I noticed that by checking my number summaries. My neck became much better and very easy move it vertically and horizontally. The color of skin on neck is little bit stained but looked like very normal. The recovery process of shoulder was the latest, and now I have a lot of scab accumulated and I felt something like I became some monster only my shoulder. However, the scab is very dry, so it is time matter to become better, I just need to wait until it peeled off by itself. I became better in total and could have some hope for my future. Maybe because of ingesting more water in the morning, my symptom of cold got better. Ear back is still strange and still under the recovery process, I mean I still have exudate when I swipe off scabs. I took a shower at night, and maybe the oil of skin was run off, then the dry and itching sensation attacked me, and I scratched shoulders and decollete.

I woke up and noticed that I had a lot of exudate on right shoulders because I scratched yesterday. It was very uncomfortable again to change clothing, because it was stack on. I finally changed it , cleaned desquamation on the floor, which was same amount of yesterday. I was searching about exudate and thought that the reason why the color of exudate is yellow is it is something lymph? I don’t know the details. Feeling was not bad, and didn’t have any cold, very normal feeling. If the yellow exudate was lymph, it means I am detoxing and the it is reasonable that exudate came out from around ear, neck, and shoulders, because there are many lymph vessels. I was repeatedly getting better and worse.

Exudate on shoulders, expecially right shoulder was terrible and squama-scabs like fish. Hoping peeling off very soon. It was dry so easy to change clothing. Still back ear especially left ear had exudate, maybe because I slept on the posture left side low. I also felt the recovery process in total little bit stacked. Seems I still need more time to be normal. Arms were good and easy to move around. However the upper center of chest was still wet. Doctor checked it, and I started to take pills for bacteria infection just in case. He also said that the reason why the exudate from ear back hadn’t stopped was my hair touched there. So I made a reservation to have my hair cut. Neck’s itching sensation was also the same reason. On my face, some spots came out, especially around eyes.

The amount of exudate from shoulder reduced, upper center of chest was scratched by someone, me, but my doctor said it was dry so no problem. Desqumation was still a lot, but it recovered better in total. My fever was also in calm which was around 36. I also swiped off my scab on ear back by intention, and yes exudate came out, but it became very dry in the morning, so it was quick to be normal. On my body, around stomach, I had still a lot of desquamation, but it was very white and desquamation is very fine, so it means I was getting better. In day time, I could play soccer only among two of us. Could sweat better, and I could see a hope.

The scabs on shoulders peeled off little by little, ad normal skins coming back little by little. No fever in the morning. But my doctor said my recovery speed was a little bit late, so I told him I was smoking. He replied, that’s the reason. I decided not to smoke. I enjoyed last cigarettes in the morning with my patient friend, and I brought the curtain down for the end of my smoking life. I also asked him about my estimated date of discharge and working start, he explained I could discharge hospital around end of Jan, and shouldn’t work until end of Feb. It became necessary to cancel some private and work events. I run 3km and played badminton with patients friends, and moving body was very comfortable. I felt better with great hope. I was looking forward to seeing how much I could become better more by these exercise and stopping smoking.

The scabs on right shoulder peeled off more, and now the amount of scab was less than half. Body temperature was good, but pulse was still fast. New patients next to me was also smoker, and I started to smoke with him again. Where was my determination… but we had discussion that we become better in the hospital without smoking, but it is difficult to continue to have the same daily life after discharge of hospital, and the symptom could be worse back again. I need to work, wake up early sometimes, work at late sometime, the environment would change dramatically. We should keep the environment before leaving hospital and after as much as possible. I decided to continue smoke, but reduce the number of cigarettes (Good excuse). I walked 2 hours in the morning but my legs hurt, also because of yesterday’s exercise. One of my concern, I have a little blood when I have stool. When I spend time in the hospital, I have nothing, but when I have stool, the blood had mixed a little bit. The amount of blood was more than the amount it was used to. So I talked to my nurse, and she said I need to show them my stool next time. She was young girl though. SHIT!!!!

~ as of 2017-12-18 ~


・Neck Back


・Left Arm

・Right Arm

・Right Shoulder

・Knee Back


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