Week8 symptoms after stopping steroid


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For new year, I went back to my family home and spent time with my family. I ate a lot of chicken hot pot and it had a lot of water, then I took also hot lemon juice, so the water ingestion limitation was broken. Maybe because of that, exudate from upper center chest came out again, and it was also itchy and scratched around neck which caused wet eczema. Around noon, it became dry back, and it was not as bad as when the withdrawal peak time. I understood again the importance of water ingestion limitation, this is second time though, I should learn. I faced new year in this body condition, and needed to cancel some importance events of my friends, but I had to take this as a good chance. Also started to think about new year targets. I can say that I will reduce of my smoking and run or walk everyday.

My life rhythm especially sleeping and eating fluctuated, however my symptoms didn’t went that worse. I didn’t have any feeling to hang out with my family’s dog, but this time I could enjoy with him and felt better. Coming back to the hospital in the afternoon, I felt I had only 1 month left. I need to do what I can do to fully recover.

I scratched upper center chest and neck, and exudate was still coming out. After sweeping of some scab of back ear, exudate was there too. I had thought my symptom became worse a bit. Symptom around neck, especially, it was calm but became worse again. I would like to find out the root cause of itching sensation, but couldn’t. I will reduce the number of cigarettes and let’s see how much this itching sensation would be calm. I also continue to take alpha-linolenic acid, but I don’t feel any effects of that yet.

Again scratched upper center chest and neck, the amount of exudate increased, shit. Symptom on the upper center chest was still remained bad, however the symptom around neck went worse, and yellow exudate came out and made dirty on my pyjamas, and bed sheets. I went walking for 90 minutes, and got better back. My ache around waist became better, so I would go easy running from tomorrow.

I consciously didn’t scratch upper center chest and neck, eczema and exudate was reduced, however body skin has lack of natural oils and in dry condition. My doctor said I should exercise more and natural oil on skin will gradually increase. I also asked to my doctor whether my understanding is right, which was “I had used steroid to force to reduce the symptom. After stopping using steroid, the symptom went much worse at first, but my body think and remember that my skin needs to recognize and fix the symptoms by repeating eczema, and I am under the process which gradually and naturally secretes steroid hormone under my skin.” He corresponded they were right except the part of “by repeating eczema”. I also learned my doctor’s direction from other patients that we should use hand grove not to make my body cold, and we should use gauze under hand grove if we have exudate on hands. Symptoms on hands was slow to recover because the blood current would be stacked when the temperature is low. In the same thinking way, we should properly warm body to make blood current better, and it can delivery the nutrient to whole body to faster the recovery. At the same time, however, warming body also cause the itching sensation, so we need be careful.

Upper center chest was dry and I finally had no exudate there. Neck was also dry and many scabs were there, but still I have few exudate. In the morning, the weather was bad, so I decided to do aerobic exercise in the hospital, which was running up and down stairs. It was good exercise.

~as of 2018-01-02~




・Neck Back

・Left Arm

・Right Arm

・Knee Back


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