Week9 symptoms after stopping steroid


(with pictures)

At night, the itching sensation attacked me again and scratched around neck. Exudate came out right after that, but it had already become dry in the morning. So, the recovery speed is faster than before and I can feel I am getting better. It is the time to be repeatedly better and worse now, and it takes a little more time to be normal. I went to the park and fed water birds in the morning. It was fun when I took a motion of feeding, they moved along with my motion. I kept bread every morning for them.

The scab on my chest was almost peeled off, but the skin was still thin and seems like it is fragile. The skin on neck has still exudate but it stopes fast. I feel my symptoms is getting better. Trying not to touch those part, and let’s see how it will be. These days it has been very cold outside, and it makes me wake up in the night. However, it is difficult to organize the temperature because it comes itchy when I get warm.

Skin on upper center chest is getting better, but still has exudate. Skin on neck is also getting better, I sometimes peeled off some scabs and exudate comes out, but the amount of exudate is decreasing. The wind was very strong outside, but I went walking to the park and fed some breads to birds.

I scratched around neck again and had exudate again.. It takes time to get better. But my doctor said that some skin oil coming back on my cheek, it made me happy.

I hardly scratched and exudate reduced in total. But I still have some exudate on the chest and neck. I studied a lot about why exudate comes out, how symptoms becomes better, why itching sensation happens. I will summarize what I learned from my study later.

I seldom scratched last night, the scab and exudate was getting better. It has been very cold outside, however, I couldn’t have enough exercise these days accordingly. In the afternoon, I decided to go out and did exercise 180 min in total. I sang a lot in Karaoke, and dissipate stress, so I could sleep very well. I just took a lot of water this day, so it was the only concern.

I was worried about the amount of water ingestion yesterday, but it didn’t have bad effect on my symptom. The scab and exudate decreased. Some symptoms on my chest and neck was still remain, that’s it. I ran 4km in the morning and felt better, but it was very itchy when I run. It was like poking the blood vessel from inside. But I think this itching sensation was also the sign of getting better, and let’s keep my hope, and recover my body function, of course including my skin.


~As of 2018-01-10~





<Neck back>


<Neck side>


<Right arm>


<Left arm>



<Knee back>


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